Fantastic news for food lovers who look for the right ambiance in Maldives

Fantastic news for food lovers who look for the right ambiance, Kurumba Maldives has completed the construction of its much awaited Hamkaze restaurant. Relocated to add a new overwater dining experience, this restaurant provides an addition to its already impressive range of culinary outlets.Kurumba Island Resort The improved restaurant can also seat up to 24 guests at a time… Read More


Kids Friendly Resorts in Maldives

Maldives is a mesmerizing vacation spot hailed by newlywed couples as the best destination for honeymoon. But Maldives is clearly more than that with its nice beaches, adventure options and irresistible luxury. Local hotel names have earned the respect of families by making special arrangements for little guests. Here are some Maldives resorts that are favored by couples with children;
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One & Only Reethi Rah

One of the most elegant resorts in Maldives, One & Only Reethi Rah makes sure that its little guests get plenty of pampering & care while their parents go for island exploration. ClubOne for teenagers comes with modern amenities and entertainment options. For couples with young toddlers, the resort offers ‘parents go lightly’ scheme which makes the provision of preordering baby-essentials such as nappies and buggies. It has also won international award for favorite resort/hotel spa in Asian subcontinent.

LUX Maldives

When it comes to a vast range of amenities, very few resorts can match LUX as it brings all the comforts of modern homes. Cinema lounge, vast library, computer room and outdoor playground are some of the attractions that keep children of all ages engaged. Known for its luxury suites and villas, its entertainment options also pack Play Stations, table tennis, pool tables, and internet connection. While Maldives offers extensive scope for outdoor fun, Maldives resorts like LUX create indoor haven for children.

Constance Halaveli

Constance Halaveli has no match in terms of visual beauty and picturesque views. All the villas in the resort come with private pool which obviously is a delight for children. The Jahaz Restaurant & Bar can be visited for mouthwatering delicacies at any time of the day. There are plenty other dining options in Constance Halaveli including The Jing and The Meeru. Travel guide Maldives recommended Constance also offers two-storey houses with stair gates and balcony guards for families. For children, there is kids club with plenty of space for activities under supervision.
Bandos Island Resort & Spa

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bandos Island Resort & Spa takes special care for couples with kids. The resort makes provision of day care center and babysitting services so that couples can carry on with their exploration without worrying about safety of children. Like various other resorts in Maldives, Bandos make provision for teenagers and their digital entertainment. There are sporting facilities that offer options for both land and water powered fun.

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Centara Grand has developed a reputation for family vacationers by holding the distinction of being the only establishment that allows children in the Over Water Villas without the trouble of disclaimer signing. It has also gained popularity for its all inclusive nature. Besides offering 112 suites & villas, it also attracts quite a large number of diving enthusiasts.
Eating Right & Wise in Maldives Vacation
Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru is another hotel brand celebrated for its family friendly nature.

So, it can be said that there are various luxury hotels Maldives that make sure that their little clients get a quality stay and enriching holidays.

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Ideal Preparation for a Perfect Rendezvous with Maldives

Maldives is one of the most sought after holiday destination boasting of endless opportunities and countless fun filled activities. It is a heavenly mix of perfect climate which is never too hot or humid and the soothing cool oceanic breeze caresses your body throughout the day. A place where the most exotic tropical scenery invites you to drool over the pearl colored velvety sand and offers the safest water adventures, destination Maldives is the perfect holiday option. It is best suited for sharing the most romantic intimate moments with your better half or loved one and for enjoying a unique family time. Here is a carefully sorted out list of the items necessary to take along which will greatly help the visitors before they plan to leave for the most mesmerizing place on earth… Read Continue

How to Have Frugal Fun in Maldives?

We all love holidays; there is nothing better than spending some days in solace, away from the demanding job and troubles of day to day life. When holidays are at a place like Maldives, then, everyone jumps in jubilation. That said, there is one thing- apart from holiday fat- that damps the vacation excitement; i.e. Maldives Resortsexpenses. Holiday can really burn holes in the pocket and it is the sad truth we have to make peace with. However, there are ways you can have frugal fun in Maldives and save big bucks even after spending on luxury accommodation. Here are they;

Fly economical

If you are running on a tight budget this holiday season due to some financial commitments, fly economical. There is nearly nothing that can help you in saving big bucks than choosing to bear the narrow seats, noise and a little clutter. Truth be told, the journey is only going to last for a few hours and the small sacrifice will leave a lot of dough in your pocket. If that is not much of an incentive, then, think about the cozy bed you will finally lay in after reaching the country and make the airline bookings.

Try local food joints

Maldives is known for its local cuisine. There are plenty of local markets that could give you the authentic Maldivian taste. Apart from satiating your hunger, such explorations will take you to the real Maldives. Being an island Travel Guide Maldivesnation, Maldives has a long list of recipes for fish and other sea delicacies. Do remember to try some of them. Some of the luxury hotels Maldives offer packages that include barbeque and supper arrangements. Revel on that but for other occasions, try local food joints and save money.

Go for a swim

If diving with cylinder of compressed air on your back doesn’t appeal to you, then, just go for a swim. Water is normally warm and there is no dearth of beaches for a casual swim. Ditch the water activities you have tried before; look for something that is new as it is worth spending your hard earned dollars. Snorkeling is a good option to explore the underwater world. However, make sure you don’t damage any corals while doing that as it attracts a fine. Make sure you confirm such details from your travel guide Maldives.

The point is more suitable for ladies reading this. If you always wanted a tan worth envying, just lay under the pleasant sun of Maldives for some hours a day and you will have it. It is good and costs nothing. Don’t forget to take your travel guide Maldivesfavorite book to leaf through while you soak in the sun. Some Maldives resorts also offer soothing spa treatments amongst their services. So, make sure you check them out. Men on the other hand can go for surfing.

If you inhabit a city that qualifies for a concrete jungle, then, plan to see the Maldives sunrise.

So, there is plenty of scope for frugal fun in Maldives. You just have to look at the right place.

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Honeymoon Escape

Maldives is often top- listed as the hub of romantic getaways and this is not an overstatement. A country having purity embossed in every corner of its landscape and where cultural heritage and exotic locales are carefully guarded from the onslaughts of western consumerism surely promises eternal romantic bliss.

Anantara Kihavah Villas - Beach Pool Villa

For Honeymooners eager to indulge in the divine beauty of Maldives here is a compilation of Maldives’ most luxurious resorts where nature meets urban concepts guaranteeing a perfect start for a new phase of life…visit MaldivesTraveller

Spa Indulgence Breaks

Spa Indulgence Breaks

Maldives Travellers seeking an avenue for renewing their wellbeing, the resort offers ultimate spa treatments, complete with steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and a plunge pool. Thai inspired and various soothing and healing treatments are provided by skilled professionals for a pampered and stress relieving vacation in Maldives.

De’ Spa Detox with Waldorf Astoria Maldives


De’ – Discovering the pathway to achieving virtuous wellbeing and living Inspired by the natural beauty of the locale, De’ Spa combines local traditions and healing practices of the Maldives and the Orient enhanced with sophisticated elements to deliver to your intentions, restoring equilibrium, enhancing natural beauty, and revitalizing the vital essence within.

De’ Spa has partnered with world renowned ‘Aromatherapy Associates’ and ‘Sundari’ ranges. Both ranges are created using the purest and rarest therapeutic grade ingredients that produce powerful validated results and a journey for the senses.

At De’ Spa highly skilled therapists from across the Orient with an innate sense of touch will create a personalized journey of transformation for the mind, body, and soul to achieve De’ – the pathway to virtuous wellbeing and living…

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Perfect Holiday Tips for Maldives Travel & Packing


Planning a holiday can be nerve wrecking; no matter how much you plan & plot, there are fair chances you will forget something. Just like any other holiday, Maldives too ask for careful attention when it comes to holiday planning. To further minimize the chances of a holiday error, here are some travel and packing tips that can come handy;

Pack only what you can’t live without

The point is not exclusive to Maldives but goes for every vacation mission. A vacationer should pack only those things that he cannot live without. Life essentials like two-three pair of clean clothes and items of personal hygiene should always find a place in the luggage bag. Ladies should not bother to pack evening dresses until there are plans to meet royalty on dinner table. The problem with extra luggage is that some airlines charge extra for it and that also in big bucks.


Make sure there is empty space in bag

Maldives is a fascinating nation with rich culture and traditions. The Maldivian population reflects features of various races including Africans and Arabs. The local markets reflect this fusion of cultures perfectly in its coconut shell ornaments, red mats, lacquer ware, pillboxes and flower vases. Hence, if you plan to come back from your scuba diving liveaboard holiday with souvenirs for family and friends, there has to be space in the luggage. In case you land in Maldives with bags zipped with herculean effort, you will struggle on your way back. Another way to save space is rolling clothes instead of folding them.

Get the right clothes

In Maldives, the temperature fluctuates within 24 °C and 33 °C throughout the year. From June to August, monsoon adds a different charm to the island nation. So, there is no need to pack overcoats and sweaters. In case of men, shorts and t-shirts will do for most of the occasions. Women can also wear anything until it doesn’t reveal too much skin. High heels, hairdryer and other necessities can be left home while vacation with Maldives holiday packages.


Make a checklist

We know you don’t need to put it on paper and can remember everything but just to be on safer side, make a checklist. Include passports, tickets, booking details, cash, important phone numbers and everything that you think you can forget in the heat of the moment. Make a checklist to eliminate the chances of rushing back to the house to pick up something. Include ‘switch off lights’ and ‘double check locks’ if you have a bad reputation with them.

Mind your check-in and carryon luggage

There are things you need all the time and there are things that are important but not that much. The earlier ones go in carryon bag and latter in check-in luggage. Carryon need to have travel documents, passports, medicines, a pair of clean clothes and anything else dear to you. Everything else goes in check-in. This is not something Maldives specific but people usually get this wrong.

So, get in touch with the best Maldives travel agency, get above points right and you are good to go. And yes, don’t forget to pick your toothbrush.


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Diving Sites That Maldives Vacationers Love

The holiday rush to Maldives never really showed a downward trend as the number keeps growing year after year. Vacationers love the island nation for Resorts Maldiveseverything it has on offer but they especially love to explore the sea with scuba diving. So, let highlight some of the best dive sites that the country boasts of and is visited by vacationers for ultimate underwater experience;

Ari Atoll

One of the largest atolls in Maldives and located in the western part, Ari Atoll has numerous diving hotspots to its credit. Let’s highlight one of the best in the business;

Broken Rock – The famous dive site has received the name from a large broken rock that sits at the centre of this dive site. Its soft and hard coral formations attract variety of reef as well as divers. Currents can be strong sometimes and depth can vary from 40 to 100 feet. One can easily find trigger fish, moray eels and napoleon wrasse in the Broken Rock area.

Gangehi Kandu – If you have planned holidays in Maldives to dive and see gray reef, white tip reef and leopard sharks, then, this is the place you have to come. The dive sight located in northern part of the Ari Atoll is however Luxury Holiday Resortssuggested to scuba divers with experience because of the strong currents and bigger sea creatures. The diving sight is also known for moray eels, mantis shrimp and trigger fish. Corals on the other hand are quite colorful.

Maaya Thila – The famous diving spot is known for daytime as well as night-time scuba diving. Current plays a crucial role in determining what kind of divers will be active in the diving area. When currents are strong, safety balloon is a must for divers of all types. While white tip reef sharks can be seen any time of the day, nocturnal visits will bring sightings of moray eels, turtles, octopus and stonefish. A good diving travel guide Maldives will certain highlight Maaya Thila.

Male Atoll

The atoll is normally divided into north & south sections, and both have their own share of marvels for the diving community. The area is also loved for scuba diving liveaboard related adventures. Let focus on some of the best dives sites in the area;

Cocoa Corner – Located in southern Male Atoll and also known by the name, Cocoa Thila, this dive sight offers the best shark show in Male Atoll. Eagle Rays, Jack Fish and Grey Reef Sharks are a common sight. In Cocoa Corner, safety balloon is strongly suggested.

Guraidhoo Kandu South – This diving site comes with strong currents and thus is appropriate for experienced divers. Underwater turbulence has been noticed in the area and thus divers have to be cautious. Currents are strong enough to pull a diver from the reef.

These are the dive sites that professional divers and underwater photographers are in love with.

Holidays in Maldives | Travel Guide Maldives

Holidays in Maldives | Travel Guide Maldives

So, if you are heading for a diving experience, plan your stay and make reservations in luxury holiday resorts that are near to such wonderful underwater locations.

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4 Adrenaline Pumping Water Sports in Maldives

Maldives is a beautiful nation and people come from around the world to relax under the pleasant sun. Interestingly, the picturesque country is also known amongst vacationers who crave adventure and thrill. Maldives has no dearth of water and the same offer scope for adrenaline pumping water sports. While list of water powered activities goes on and on, let’s highlight four water sports that leave the visitors gasping for more;


The water sport, also known as parascending and parakiting, is one of the few sports that every person looks forward to while vacationing. In the hugely popular sport, a person is attached to a canopy (very much similar to a parachute) and is towed behind a boat. When the boat takes to the water, the person with the parascender is carried in the air. Apart from being in the air, the fun element is also added by the speeding boat. A powerful boat can carry more than one parascender. Unending waters and normal winds make the perfect ground for this enjoyable activity.

Water Skiing

While parasailing is something that doesn’t ask for skill and can be enjoyed by near about any adult, water skiing ask for experience as well as skill. In this sport, a person, normally with skies on, is pulled behind a boat in the water. As mentioned above, water skiing asks for familiarity and works on technique. The skier and boat driver maintain communication to avoid accidents. Besides the two of them, there is another person who acts as spotter; his job is to inform the driver if the skier tumbles. Skiing enthusiasts make resorts Maldives bookings only after confirming proximity to the ski location.


It is a surface water sports that asks for sailing as well as surfing skills. In case of sailing, a person has to limit himself to some rules but windsurfing is more experimental and freestyle. A windsurfer can perform jumps, inverted loops, spinning tricks and various other moves which are certainly a pleasure to watch. Maldives offers the perfect conditions for windsurfing. Windsurfers sailing the water is a common sight from beaches. Professionals from all over the world come and board luxury hotels Maldives to practice their craft in serenity.

Jet skiing

Jet Skiing is a water sport that doesn’t require too much skill and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. It is a fun water activity well documented in cinema works all over the world. To learn a jet ski, one only has to keep some basic instructions in mind. It is much similar to driving a gearless vehicle but the only difference is that it runs on water. Once rider gets idea about the speed and practices turns, he is good to go. Performing stunts however asks for experience. It is popular recreational sport for the ones who avail holiday packages Maldives.

While these were the four adrenaline pumping activities, there are plenty of others too that promise the same amount of fun. Catamaran rides and scuba diving liveaboard are the two water powered sports worth exploring. So, don’t forget the water fun while vacationing in Maldives.

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What Women Want From Holidays & What Maldives Can Offer?

As compared to men, women have entirely different ideas of vacation. While just beer would do for the male fraternity, women look for more subtle pleasures when they plan for vacations. Maldives is a place that boasts of near about everything that women look in a hot vacation spot. So, let get to know what women want from holidays and what the island nation has on offer;


If you have a woman in your life, you must be aware that women love beaches. They love the sandy shores, water, wearing a bikini to show off their recently acquired figure and taking long walks with their partner. However, not every beach would do; it has to be clean and not crowded as a flea market. Maldives promises the same beaches that women fall for; sparkling and full of solace. To tell you a secret, some Maldives beaches even have white sand! Now, what can get better than that?


Women love sun and the tan that comes with it. If it is mild and pleasant on skin, then, it is just cherry on the top. It is no secret that women love to lie on a beach and soak in the sun while vacationing. Holiday packages Maldives promises the same. The temperature of Maldives fluctuates between 24 °C to 33 °C all around the year. There are sea breezes to make sure that it doesn’t get too hot. And in addition to that, there are beaches where one can lazy around all day with fresh coconut drink in hand.

Spa treatments

Women need to take care of themselves to look their best and also to keep their man falling in love, again and again. To do the same, spa and beauty treatments are must. Ladies have to find special time for such beauty escapades in their day to day life but if vacations bring spa pleasures along, then, delight can be overwhelming. Some luxury hotels Maldives offer the same for their female guests in the form of spa treatments derived from ancient Asian traditions. Such treatments are touched with local ingredients that give an altogether different feel of healing.


Women love comfort that luxury brings. Especially while vacationing, they want everything taken care of. Maldives Traveller offer scope for the same through holiday deals that covers everything. The island nation is home
to one of the best hotel names in the world with offers that are just too luring. In terms of hospitality too, there are only few that can match the stature of Maldives.


Accepted women flock is not very big on adventure but they do like to try new things. This is particularly true of modern age ladies. Maldives is the haven for dare devilry. There is windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, speed boating and scuba diving liveaboard to look forward to.

So, it can be said that Maldives is one the best places
for women to organize trips and holidays. Maldives resorts just add more to the island experience.

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