Jumeirah Maldives launches “Low Miles” Menu

Jumeirah Vittaveli and Jumeirah Dhevanafushi have started a special “low miles menu” in their respective restaurants. Unveiled in their luxurious restaurants of Azara and Samsara, this menu is designed to lessen the carbon footprint of the hotel while providing quality service.

In accordance to the brands on-going commitment to lessen its impact on the environment, the menu’s which were created by Jumeirah Maldives chefs are designed to provide a culinary experience with a conscience. Highlighting the impacts a restaurant could have on the environment, the chefs at the renowned restaurants created low miles menu out of genuine concern for its surrounding environment… Read More


Eating Right & Wise in Maldives Vacation

No vacation can be complete without trying the local tastes in food and snacks; Maldives in no different in this field. The island nation is known for its exotic beaches, climate and luxurious hotels but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t tickle taste buds. The country offers a variety of options but one needs to play smart to come in touch with the real Maldivian taste. Here are some tips that can help you eat right and wise during Maldives vacation;

Go prepared

They say ‘nothing beats homework’ and they are very right in saying so. When you already know the places that can offer experience of a real Maldivian meal, it would save the time spent on reach it. There are plenty of review and travel sites that can bring you across opinions from globetrotters. However, do take the web-views with a grain of salt. Marketers are everywhere nowadays, and thus doing background check on comments and profiles is important.

 Simply ask chefs

 In case you have exhausted the list you came up with, simply asking chefs about their favorite dining places can be a good idea. Chefs too hang out with family and friends, and obviously they don’t dine where they work. They have superior tastes when it comes to food, and you can count on their tips about exclusive resorts Maldives. In case of asking locales, make sure you ask the right questions. Asking ‘the best place to eat in Maldives’ will lead to someplace fancy while asking ‘where you eat’ will take someplace local & favorite.

 Notice while you stroll

Walking around the town to explore Maldivian way of life, keep an eye on local food outlets and crowd. Local fish market is where fresh fish stock arrives every day. Study the eateries falling in the vicinity of the area. In case you come across a local food joint serving fish delicacies, don’t shy away from it. In case the place is too crowded and you have to wait, strike a conversion with a bystander to learn more about the place. Even if you came with another goal in mind, for instance, diving in Maldives, do learn about local hangout places to have a quick snack.

 Surprise yourself

 If you have a history of dining in the best resorts of the vacation spot, go for the family owned places. If you have always explored street food, go for the decorated resorts with chef special menus and décor. In case you come across an eatery with signs in local language and owners literally assaulting English, give it a shot. The idea is to try something different, and Maldives offer plenty of scope for the same.

 While nobody plans the whole holiday around food, giving it little time and thought can add delightful memories to the whole Maldivian experience. So, while you plan a dive holiday in Maldives, make sure you also eat right and wise.

If you have been to Maldives or have something to share, do make good use of the comments section below;

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Where to Shop While Holidaying in Maldives?

Maldives is hailed as a perfect vacation spot, and there is enough literature on web to highlight the areas where it scores over other places. The points usually covered are beaches, sun, sea, luxury and nature. However, there is one thing Resorts In Maldivesthat is often left out of the purview; that is shopping. Vacationers are usually in dither about where to go for buying souvenirs, and shopping expeditions. So, here are some places that are worth visiting while vacationing in Maldives;

Majeedhee Magu

Every holiday destination has an address where one can find literally anything. Majeedhee Magu is one such place in the capital of Maldives. The market, situated on the main road, is perfect for local garments, fragrances, cosmetics, jewelry, handbags, electronics and much more. Also a popular shopping spot for locals, it has shops for everything that might interest a vacationer. While stores remain open late at night, they are closed for short intervals during the day to offer prayers. The market is a must visit if you are vacationing in Maldives.

Chaandanee Magu

If casual shopping doesn’t interest you and it is souvenirs you are hunting for, then, Chaandanee Magu is the place you would fall in love with. In this Male market, you will find dhoni crafts, lacquer works, wood carvings, thudu kuna mats, coconut shell products and various other artful pieces. Some of Maldives Travellermentioned items come with a hefty price tag as they are handmade but they certainly make collector items. If you have planned a stay at Maldives luxury resorts, then, of course buying such souvenirs wouldn’t seem much. However, if you are still bent on saving some bucks, then, go economical for friends, while choosing the best for family.

Local market

While Chaandanee Magu is best for shopping artful souvenirs, local market is for tourists who wish to get acquainted with Maldivian taste and living. The local market will fascinate you with local vegetables, fruits, sweetmeat, nuts yams, breadfruit chips, bottles of homemade sweets, and pickles. For picking up fresh fish, local fish market is the best place. Taking a stroll in the narrow streets will also give you a glimpse of Maldivian way of life. So, do take time off from the lavishness of luxury resorts Maldives to get the local feel.

While going on the shopping spree, do make sure that you don’t engage in any transaction related to turtle shell, black coral, pearl oyster shell and red coral as export of these products can land you in trouble. So, it would be better to stay away from strangers luring you to deal in mentioned items.
Shopping in Maldives

Those who come with a specific objective in mind doesn’t necessarily feel compelled to go on shopping sprees. For instance, adventure sport enthusiasts staying in surfing resorts Maldives are less likely to go shopping for expensive artifacts. But still, it is better to know where to go if the vice of spending bothers too much.
Do you have any Maldives shopping experiences to share? If yes, comments section is all yours.

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