Live Aboards – Pro Dive Cairns – 3 Day and 2 Night

Catering for the certified dive market and snorkellers, Pro Dive Cairns have 3 fully equipped, purpose built multi-million dollar dive vessels – ScubaPro, ScubaPro II and the newly launched Scubapro III. This is certainly one of the very best outer reef liveaboard experiences out of Cairns.

The 3 day dive adventure visits up to four easterly Outer Great Barrier Reef locations. The various sites were selected for their extravagance of marine life and excellent visibility and are rarely visited by other vessels. The trip is suited to all levels of diver training, from novice – experienced divers and gives passengers the opportunity to view magnificent hard & soft corals, giant clams, turtles, stingrays and the largest variety of tropical fish both large & small.

A small difference that sets Pro Dive apart from other outer reef liveaboard vessels is that their vessels are not permanently moored on the reef and they do not use day vessels to transfer different people on and off each day.

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Eating Right & Wise in Maldives Vacation

No vacation can be complete without trying the local tastes in food and snacks; Maldives in no different in this field. The island nation is known for its exotic beaches, climate and luxurious hotels but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t tickle taste buds. The country offers a variety of options but one needs to play smart to come in touch with the real Maldivian taste. Here are some tips that can help you eat right and wise during Maldives vacation;

Go prepared

They say ‘nothing beats homework’ and they are very right in saying so. When you already know the places that can offer experience of a real Maldivian meal, it would save the time spent on reach it. There are plenty of review and travel sites that can bring you across opinions from globetrotters. However, do take the web-views with a grain of salt. Marketers are everywhere nowadays, and thus doing background check on comments and profiles is important.

 Simply ask chefs

 In case you have exhausted the list you came up with, simply asking chefs about their favorite dining places can be a good idea. Chefs too hang out with family and friends, and obviously they don’t dine where they work. They have superior tastes when it comes to food, and you can count on their tips about exclusive resorts Maldives. In case of asking locales, make sure you ask the right questions. Asking ‘the best place to eat in Maldives’ will lead to someplace fancy while asking ‘where you eat’ will take someplace local & favorite.

 Notice while you stroll

Walking around the town to explore Maldivian way of life, keep an eye on local food outlets and crowd. Local fish market is where fresh fish stock arrives every day. Study the eateries falling in the vicinity of the area. In case you come across a local food joint serving fish delicacies, don’t shy away from it. In case the place is too crowded and you have to wait, strike a conversion with a bystander to learn more about the place. Even if you came with another goal in mind, for instance, diving in Maldives, do learn about local hangout places to have a quick snack.

 Surprise yourself

 If you have a history of dining in the best resorts of the vacation spot, go for the family owned places. If you have always explored street food, go for the decorated resorts with chef special menus and décor. In case you come across an eatery with signs in local language and owners literally assaulting English, give it a shot. The idea is to try something different, and Maldives offer plenty of scope for the same.

 While nobody plans the whole holiday around food, giving it little time and thought can add delightful memories to the whole Maldivian experience. So, while you plan a dive holiday in Maldives, make sure you also eat right and wise.

If you have been to Maldives or have something to share, do make good use of the comments section below;

Maldives Traveller is a tourism firm that helps vacationers in planning a luxurious stay in the island nation. It also has business associations with various wedding resorts Maldives.

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Perfect Holiday Tips for Maldives Travel & Packing


Planning a holiday can be nerve wrecking; no matter how much you plan & plot, there are fair chances you will forget something. Just like any other holiday, Maldives too ask for careful attention when it comes to holiday planning. To further minimize the chances of a holiday error, here are some travel and packing tips that can come handy;

Pack only what you can’t live without

The point is not exclusive to Maldives but goes for every vacation mission. A vacationer should pack only those things that he cannot live without. Life essentials like two-three pair of clean clothes and items of personal hygiene should always find a place in the luggage bag. Ladies should not bother to pack evening dresses until there are plans to meet royalty on dinner table. The problem with extra luggage is that some airlines charge extra for it and that also in big bucks.


Make sure there is empty space in bag

Maldives is a fascinating nation with rich culture and traditions. The Maldivian population reflects features of various races including Africans and Arabs. The local markets reflect this fusion of cultures perfectly in its coconut shell ornaments, red mats, lacquer ware, pillboxes and flower vases. Hence, if you plan to come back from your scuba diving liveaboard holiday with souvenirs for family and friends, there has to be space in the luggage. In case you land in Maldives with bags zipped with herculean effort, you will struggle on your way back. Another way to save space is rolling clothes instead of folding them.

Get the right clothes

In Maldives, the temperature fluctuates within 24 °C and 33 °C throughout the year. From June to August, monsoon adds a different charm to the island nation. So, there is no need to pack overcoats and sweaters. In case of men, shorts and t-shirts will do for most of the occasions. Women can also wear anything until it doesn’t reveal too much skin. High heels, hairdryer and other necessities can be left home while vacation with Maldives holiday packages.


Make a checklist

We know you don’t need to put it on paper and can remember everything but just to be on safer side, make a checklist. Include passports, tickets, booking details, cash, important phone numbers and everything that you think you can forget in the heat of the moment. Make a checklist to eliminate the chances of rushing back to the house to pick up something. Include ‘switch off lights’ and ‘double check locks’ if you have a bad reputation with them.

Mind your check-in and carryon luggage

There are things you need all the time and there are things that are important but not that much. The earlier ones go in carryon bag and latter in check-in luggage. Carryon need to have travel documents, passports, medicines, a pair of clean clothes and anything else dear to you. Everything else goes in check-in. This is not something Maldives specific but people usually get this wrong.

So, get in touch with the best Maldives travel agency, get above points right and you are good to go. And yes, don’t forget to pick your toothbrush.


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How Maldives Resorts Lure Visitors?

A holiday destination doesn’t make a name all by itself. While natural, cultural or numerous other attractions plays their part, there are a number of other elements too that make a vacation spot hot and happening. One such element is hospitality. Hotels and resorts forms a very critical part of a vacationer’s experience and revered tourist destination are well aware of it. Maldives also makes a strong mark in hospitality as its resorts and hotels go to great lengths to lure visitors. Below discussed are some cases that would justify the claim.

Six Senses Laamu indulges taste buds

The resort is a well known name in Maldives hospitality for adding flavor to its guests’ experience by arranging special delights from time to time. Recently, it brought celebrated British chef, Ms. Claire Clark to its Leaf Restaurant to organize a special dinner and session of cooking classes. The lady has worked for top restaurants and has many titles to her name. She has also become part of numerous television shows and cook-books. Such company was only delight for the guests of the resort also known for its best Maldives travel agency.

The resort has itself held distinguished titles in different global awards and travel magazines. It is only by such efforts as the one discussed above that Six Senses Laamu has been able to reserve its place in the history books of hospitality.

Huvafen Fushi striving from perfection

The resort has entertained celebrities like George Clooney and Kate Moss, and from the same, the idea of its splendor could be derived. But such achievements don’t stop Huvafen Fushi from striving for perfection. Quite recently, the resort famous amongst newlyweds for Maldives honeymoon packages went on a renovation drive to make some changes to enhance the experience of its guests. During the effort, it gifted vacationers with see-through glass floors so that people can see breathtaking waters beneath them. New furnishings, wall hangings, and other decor items were installed to elevate the regal feel of the resort.

The resort is also known for its raw food and collection of beverages.

Waldorf Astoria high-speed additions

The luxurious resort has always taken the competition one step ahead in everything it does, and with its latest addition of brand new speedboat to its already decorated fleet, it has done the same. Nooraanee 3 is the name of the new possession and is available for private expeditions, dolphin watching and island tours. In just 45 minutes, it can take guests to the airport.

These were the few examples of how Maldives resorts entice vacationers into visiting the country. There are a number of other quarters too in which Maldives score above other holiday destinations. One such is Holidays in Maldives that raise the curtain from the beauty deep oceans hide from the outer world. Divers from around the world reach Maldives shores to explore the aquatic life it has on offer.

So, in a way, we can say that Maldives resorts are not the only crowd pullers; Maldives itself does a wonderful job. is a company that assists vacationers in organizing their stay in the island nation, Maldives. It has been active in the business since 2007 under the guidance of its founder, Mr. Ahmed Manik.

Pure Luxury at Maldives Platinum Resorts

While everyone loves holidays, some like to put the element of luxury at the very center of their stay to recuperate from the hectic work commitments and busy life. For such people, experience matters more than anything and they are ready to pay the quoted price to get a stately treatment. Luxury hotels & resorts Maldives promises the same to its vacationers and they sure like to raise the bar in whatever they do.

Plenty on the Platter

Vacationers often complain about the limited number of options to choose from in case of luxury hideouts and getaways. Maldives makes sure that their guests don’t say the same in its case by providing more than enough on the platter. There are renowned names in hospitality to choose from in Maldives and surely there is fair chance you would select one before the list will exhaust. There is Anantara Naladhu with private homes with front pools and Huvafenfushi known for its natural aquatic marvels. If one is looking for something grand, then there is One&Only Reethi Rah. In short, the list is inexhaustible.

Private Islands

There is something about owning an island that fascinates everyone, and there are a number of options spending holidays in Maldives offers. If one wishes to have an entire island to oneself, then there is W Retreat & Spa Maldives. Located at Fesdu Island, W Retreat & Spa offers total seclusion for its guests as the island is uninhabited, of course with the exception of the staff that would assist you in wherever you wish. After a little tour, guests can have the ‘Cast Away’ experience with all the amenities of modern world. With private plunge pools, sundecks, and outdoor rainforest showers, it could be what you have always been looking for. And there is kite surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding to try if you are the adventure kind.

On Water Dwelling

If a vacationer had had enough of the land in the past vacations, then Soneva Gili offers dwelling in 45 luxury villas that are literally build on the blue waters. These villas accentuate the beauty of the nature and make sure that guests receive every percent of luxury that land has on offer. For the ones who wish to be left alone, there are seven detached Crusoe residences that could only be reached by boat. Being so close to water, one can surely assume water activities like snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, and windsurfing to be part of the offer. For food, one can get it prepared on the villa’s deck or can rush to East-meets-West fusion fare.

While these were a handful of luxury resorts Maldives, there is a long list of others that are equally worthy to be inhabited. Some of them are Anantara Kihavah Villas, Soneva Fushi, Coco Palm Bodu Hithi and Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru.

Choose any one of them and you would only be promised pure luxury and experience that would go on to become one of the finest memories of your life.

So, prepare to experience platinum this holiday.

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Dive into the Other World of Maldives

Those who trot around the globe eventually see enough of mortar buildings, littered beaches, airports and museums to avoid them all. Such vacationers are always hunting for places that could offer more than just the above mentioned but sadly there are not many such places that offer such solace. However, there are places of that possess unexplored worlds in themselves and one such place is Maldives.

Asian Traveller & Honeymoon Offers

The island nation is located in the Indian Ocean which has been enthralling visitors with its picturesque beauty and tranquility. It attracts more than 600,000 annual visitors and it is not just the sun and ambience that attracts such large crowds. The main attraction is the other world that it contains in itself; the world of reefs, 1100 species of fish, 5 species of sea turtles, 21 species of whales and dolphins, 187 species of corals, 400 species of mollusks and 83 species of echinoderms. All this taken together makes the diving holiday Maldives an altogether different world.

Diving is one activity that lures tens of thousands of vacationers. And diving resorts Maldives are more than eager to entertain their guests in the same field. The sole goal of such resorts is to give their guests the best diving experience ever. Its variety of marine ecosystems offers plenty of opportunities to explore and vacationers are happy to do the same. In Maldives, also known as a premium dive destination in the world, everything ranging from trainers, dive guides and equipments is taken care of by organizers.


Diving is just one of the uncountable activates that the beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean has on offer. Windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, catamaran rides, speed boating and para sailing are some of the adventure sports which engages a visitor and set the adrenaline rolling. Surfing resorts Maldives are specialand unique to cater enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of those waves lunging for the sky.

Resorts in Maldives play a crucial role in making the vacationers trace back their steps after having a holiday through their ambience, food and world-class services. Visitors have the choice of nesting in water villas, resort islands, diving resorts or any other type of resort suitable to their taste. Maldives resorts have the reputation of walking the extra mile to pamper every need of their guest. Some resorts even treat visitors with soothing spa treatments derived from ancient Asian traditions and local ingredients.

Maldives Traveller

Moreover, if a couple enthralled with the beauty of the island nation on a whiff decide to walk the aisle, even that could be arranged. Luxury hotels Maldives have the reputation to bring alive whatever asked by their guests. So, a wedding setting with palm trees, white sandy beaches and blue water as witnesses is not unrealistic to imagine.

And if by any chance, visitors have had enough of the water, sand and sun, the capital of Maldives, Male’ offers plenty of options including The Friday Mosque and Grand Friday Mosque to explore. In the budget area too, Holiday packages Maldives scores a golden goal by fitting in every pocket. So, how about a dive into the other world of Maldives?

About Maldives Traveller- It is a Maldives-based company which has been helping its global clients in organizing memorable holidays since 2007. It has partnered with the best resorts in Maldives to enhance the holiday experience of its clients.

Maldives- A Dream Come True

We all dream of going to a place where water is as blue as the sky, where white sand is not just one’s imagination taking flight and where sight of waves reaching the shores makes ones forget all the troubles of the world. But sadly every time we start to make the dream come true, instead end up on a beach jam-packed with tourists, sun so harsh that a white man ends up looking like an Asian and so much litter that the memory of a sub urban neighborhood surface in an instant. However, nothing such thing happens if one reaches Maldives as the dream do comes true.

Known as ‘The beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean’ and ‘The necklace of pearls’, Maldives is the perfect setting for anyone wishing to relish the beauty of nature. The island nation is 99 % water and just 1% land, making it home to uncountable number of beaches. The country welcomes more than 600,000 visitors every year making tourism one of the major attractions of the country.

During the months of June and July, rains come looking for the island nation making it even more luring. Sun is mostly gentle as temperature rarely rises above 25 degree Celsius. Summers are considered the best time to reach Maldives. To accommodate and entertain such large inflow during summers, resorts in Maldives offer a number of packages to choose from to suit everyone’s requirements.

Maldives luxury resorts have a reputation in giving their clients the experience of a lifetime. From lavish buffets, ambience and adventure trips, everything is taken care of according to the wishes of the guest. The blue waters offer scope of a number of water sports like Windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, catamaran rides, speed boating and Para sailing.


Some of the best luxury resorts believe in walking the extra mile to pamper their guests and therefore include soothing spa treatments in their services. These treatments make use of ancient Asian traditions to calm mind and body at the same time.

And how can one forget diving in such a picturesque setting. Diving resorts Maldives equip themselves with everything one needs to plunge into the blues to have a feel of the marine life and corals. With your partner by your side, it could be a memory which a couple reminisces when holding hands. If one wishes to plan the most important day of one’s life amongst palm trees and blue shores, it could be taken care of as well. The petite wedding or the indulging honeymoon, everything could be arranged in Maldives.

Discovering New Strength And Spirit At Maldives

Let the sea resound with your joyous happiness waves. It’s wonderful, glorious and majestic scenic nature restores your soul as and when visited. It is an obligatory place to be visited with highlighting beautiful white sandy beaches which you will consider it all joy. Apart from your present staying it brings out to you the exciting stay in a water villa where each of its resorts are situated in their own concealed island giving you the pleasure in opposition to high way road comforts. Apart from corrupted chemical treatments it is specialized in giving you the natural health spa therapies healing you smoothly refreshing yourself with its relieving features under ancient atmosphere and practices.

You can gain new strength on experiencing certain adventures in the ocean which holds diving at first. You are allowed to it with an expert trainer also. Maldives is thus recognized as the best diving purpose place in the world. Perishing you in the world with less bit of space for land it hoists water sporting which consists of Wind surfing, Water skiing, jet skiing, catamaran rides, speed boating and Para sailing. For the newly wedded ones it turns out to remain as a sweet recollection in their albums which they shared under these humble white sandy beaches, plain waters with beautiful scenic back ground. There is no such recommended place apart from Maldives for honeymooners.

Mentioning about the Diving Resorts Maldives, it is indeed an excellent thrilling activity. Live aboard here are seen many such as:

* Eagle ray live aboard

* Oceanic dreams Fathima

* Sting ray live aboard

* Maavahi live aboard

* Southern cross

* Princess Lara

More Details about Avobe listed Live aboard visit:

The entire above mentioned are gigantic and great live aboard with high-five inner resorts. On reaching and rejoicing resorts in maldives every tongue will praise Lord for his creation of such outstanding beaches. Holidays in Maldives can be experienced by residing at its vast variety of resorts such as Maldives Traveler platinum resorts, Maldives Traveler gold resorts and Maldives Traveler silver resorts. In these classifications we again find lots of high five decorated resorts at individual styles varied by classes.


This land can be praised for its exquisite design features pumping in us the feeling of stay with majestic sky and shallow sea waves following us from all the four sides. We can have grand dining with a variety of sea food found here. Maldives can be raised as the address for Luxury Honeymoon Resorts providing holistic sensation succumbing us with delight. Very densely know for their services are the Anantara Veli, Paradise Island resort and Bandos Island resort and spa, some of the Diving Holidays Maldives.

Enjoy the holiday packages maldives while you will be born again in the midst of nature with refreshing enthusiasm clothed with splendor, filled with glory without running against any worries of human deeds you will be at best carried in its arms and comforted by nature with this single everlasting experience.
maldives vacation resorts.