Fantastic news for food lovers who look for the right ambiance in Maldives

Fantastic news for food lovers who look for the right ambiance, Kurumba Maldives has completed the construction of its much awaited Hamkaze restaurant. Relocated to add a new overwater dining experience, this restaurant provides an addition to its already impressive range of culinary outlets.Kurumba Island Resort The improved restaurant can also seat up to 24 guests at a time… Read More


Luxury chain COMO to open ‘Maalifushi’ in October 2013

Renowned international hotel chain COMO is set to unveil the unspoiled beauties of Thaa Atoll for visitors, with their resort ‘Maalifushi by COMO’ to be opened in October 2013. The first luxury resort island to be opened in the atoll known as ‘Kolhumadulu’ by locals, ‘Maalifushi’ will offer a sumptuous array of overwater villas and garden suites within the private island designed by Japanese architect Koichiro Ikebuchi.

Maalifushi’ in October 2013

COMO presents the island resort as a tranquil family retreat, where all accommodation including the 33 overwater villas, 33 garden villas, suites and rooms reflect nature and cultural authenticity, and are spread amid the exuberant foliage of the tropical island. Children can be left to safely wander the unique beauty of the 8 hectare ‘Maalifushi’, and the resort offers the finest childcare and amenities as desired by families. ‘Maalifushi’ resort also offers family-friendly excursions such as beachside picnics and snorkeling, made more delightful with the abundance of nearby uninhabited islands and the presence of sealife such as manta-rays and dolphins in surrounding waters… Read Full Story on MaldivesTraveller

Best Luxury Beach Resorts Maldives

A pristine atmosphere liberated from the tentacles of the superior nature is Maldives holiday homes. It is a definite destination that every one of us should experience. People are busy living their little lives and there is less room for relaxation and enjoyment of nature’s beauty. With the busy intentions humans are living a scheduled lives craving for ineffectual health, wealth, money and power.

Maldives beach holidays comprises of the some of the finest beaches at which every new wed couple would like to opt for. Honeymooners can make a best deal at Maldives to experience the exotic flavours of desert islands and bare foot paradises. Many luxury honeymoon resorts ( Maldives are involved a lot with deep consent to endow you an indebted holiday occasion with your beloved ones. Joining Maldives would sooth you from habitual tensions and heals you with its exuberance nature and puts your senses in order.

Maldives- The Ultimate Holiday Destination

Maldives best defined as a pearl surrounded by beaches all around. To sit in the shades and look upon the verdant greenish blue oceans is the most ideal refreshment. The best luxury beach resorts Maldives best for the honeymooners to experience the morning life like the dawn of a day, full of purity, visions and harmony and helps to forget their former hectic lifestyle and relishes to focus your attention on one another.

One of the best experiences it can feed you is with the best diving resorts Maldives. It is a miraculous destination with the most stupendous white sands, elaborated water features with a variety of sea life existing and renowned for ample water sport activities. These exotic beach locations with outstanding natural magnificence could not make anyone to step out of the marine world. One of the popular sport activities mostly experienced by the visitors is surfing across the waves and for this the government of Maldives offers huge range of luxury surfing resorts with utmost security and safety precautions.

Maldives- The Ultimate Holiday Destination

Maldives resorts offer a luxurious holiday packages for families and honeymooners vividly. Thy proffer splendorous forlorn stay with your beloved ones away from the world making yourself to lose in the midst of the glorious, mesmerizing beaches and making acquainted with the eternal spa services. Other than having a well equipped dining in a clandestine beach and taking an enjoyable bathe in the beach; what else do you need to enjoy an immaculate honey moon trip? Awesome, amazing memory it would remain in your sweet dairy.

Pick up now a relevant best travel packages Maldives, spare and gift your loved ones your ample time span and make them feel and relish you as a long lasting remembrance during your holiday. Plan your holiday trip as soon as possible to Maldives and feel the mantra of nature and renovate yourself by taking a new birth again on the land of coastlines- Maldives.

luxury honeymoon resorts Maldives

Feel free to browse through and flip over the best travel guides Maldives and get your best deals. It liberates you from the clutches of any sort of toil and gives you ultimate pleasure in the art of doing nothing. When lazing around is fun and vistas become a daily show, Maldives drown you to its extravaganza.

Maldives- The Ultimate Holiday Destination

Those who look forward to taste the delight must try the Maldives travel packages. Some of the best travel guide in Maldives can cruise you through a great vacation plan. The various luxury resorts in Maldives, or the surfing and diving resorts in here are great appealers. You helplessly get connected to its aura and are bound to get swayed by its grandeur. It’s that compulsive!

Maldives is home to some of the most luxurious honeymoon resorts and spas in the world. Its touch can get lovers slushy in seconds and brim over with unbridled romance. Rest assured Maldives makes you glutton for more ecstasy, multiplied adventure and unstoppable adrenalin rush.

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The simple realities of the islets make people go beckoning far and wide across the map. No wonder why vacationers flock to this place year after year. Maldives is sprinkled with unperturbed freshness, scenic splendours, unsullied beaches, azure, jade and zest. It’s indeed a touchstone in the history of Incredible India. It’s a tropical paradise that redefines glory.

Beach sunset party

The resorts and other appealing amenities make your crave for the haven even more and when you disperse from the land, it stays with you as a memoir. Holiday makers have a gamut of choices when it comes to cuisine as well. Maldives is a therapy and a dip into a future world. Every ounce of this place is extraordinary beyond comparison and it stands at hilt when it comes to tranquillity revisited.

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Maldives is a paradise for ultimate vacations. Find some of Maldives has some authentic beach hotels where holidays become a memoir. It is also a great wedding destination ( where some of the Best Holiday Packages Maldives are available. Look out for some Best Luxury Resorts Maldives. A Maldives Vacation is always a safe bet.