Maldives Traveller Bring Exciting New Vacation Offers for Asian Travelers

Living up to its reputation of a vacation brand that always has something new to offer, Maldives Traveller has once again brought exciting new deals to lure vacationers looking for amazing summer holidays. Approached globally for Maldives vacations, the renowned travel name has brand new packages on offer for Asian travelers that raise the bar for luxury.scuba diving liveaboard

The travel planning firm brings the deals from Huvafenfushi Island resort, the local name for luxury and opulence. Just 26 kilometers from the Male International Airport, the resort has a reputation for offering unique holiday experience to its guests. The first two offers are for Lagoon Bungalow sitting atop clear crystal lagoon. The bungalows come with plunge pool and exquisite views of sea.

Listed under the title ‘Sensational at Huvafenfushi: Lagoon Bungalow with Plunge Pool’, the deal brings 4 nights stay at US$ 5052 and 5 nights of stay at US$ 6387. Maldives Traveller is known for bringing such exciting accommodation offers from time to time and has earned a reputation for great value packages. It also specializes in diving, surfing and liveaboard packages.Maldives Traveller

Both Lagoon Bungalow packages come with half board meal plan in Celsius restaurant, massage for 30 minutes per couple one time during stay, underwater drift away massage for 60 minutes per couple one time during stay and speedboat transfer return. The bungalows under the scheme are known for bringing the best of technology as well as nature. While private pool and scenic views will soothe the mind, high end entertainment options will keep you entertained at all times.

Maldives vacation consultants also help newlywed couples in organizing a luxurious honeymoon. The couples willing to take their vows in the background of palm trees and vast sea contact the firm for wedding arrangements and bookings.

The second deal is listed on the website under ‘Phenomenal Huvafenfushi – Deluxe Beach Bungalow with Plunge Pool’. The two offers under it bring 4 nights stay at US$ 5300 and 5 nights of stay at US$ 6660. All the super luxury bungalows are just few steps away from the sea and are known for their grandeur.Maldives Traveller

Usually such offers are available for a limited duration of time, bookings for luxurious Huvafenfushi bungalows can be made till 30 September 2013. However, this doesn’t mean they would be available for last minute bookings. Vacationers aware with their magnificence have already booked for summer holidays and thus delaying would only mean ‘opportunity lost’.

Visit the website for booking and complete package details

Maldives Traveller brings luxurious resorts and holiday deals for vacationers planning their holidays in Maldives. It has business partnerships with international hotel brands in Maldives and brings discounted deals for people looking for surfing, diving and liveaboard based experience. Visit for further details.


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