Village Hotels for a great affordable Holiday in Maldives

The Maldives, around 1200 islets are scattered over the deep blue Indian Ocean. With 26 cluster of idyllic atolls. Maldives is well known for its beauty, White sandy beaches, Turquoise Lagoons, the rich colorful underwater coral gardens, swaying palm trees and Maldivians who are warm and friendly always hospitable. Simply without doubt Maldives is truly a Paradise on Earth.

While Maldives is a dream holiday destination for honeymooners and many other travelers, it have always been an expensive destination. As it can only be a once in a lifetime experience to many of us who makes it to Maldives.

The Maldives, is adapting to new policies implemented by government it can change the Image of Maldives as an expensive destination to an Affordable destination!

More affordable small Hotels are developing in the local villages of the Maldives. Local village islands can be boasted for its natural beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, the peaceful atmosphere and more closer to local people, one can experience the local laid and relaxed life style of Maldivians and enjoy the Natural beauty, just similar to a 5 star resort offering the luxury Maldives. .

The Hotels developed in the islands will offer standard accommodation and with similar services as a 3 to 4 star resort at a price of 1/3 of a resort in Maldives…

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