Maldives- A Dream Come True

We all dream of going to a place where water is as blue as the sky, where white sand is not just one’s imagination taking flight and where sight of waves reaching the shores makes ones forget all the troubles of the world. But sadly every time we start to make the dream come true, instead end up on a beach jam-packed with tourists, sun so harsh that a white man ends up looking like an Asian and so much litter that the memory of a sub urban neighborhood surface in an instant. However, nothing such thing happens if one reaches Maldives as the dream do comes true.

Known as ‘The beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean’ and ‘The necklace of pearls’, Maldives is the perfect setting for anyone wishing to relish the beauty of nature. The island nation is 99 % water and just 1% land, making it home to uncountable number of beaches. The country welcomes more than 600,000 visitors every year making tourism one of the major attractions of the country.

During the months of June and July, rains come looking for the island nation making it even more luring. Sun is mostly gentle as temperature rarely rises above 25 degree Celsius. Summers are considered the best time to reach Maldives. To accommodate and entertain such large inflow during summers, resorts in Maldives offer a number of packages to choose from to suit everyone’s requirements.

Maldives luxury resorts have a reputation in giving their clients the experience of a lifetime. From lavish buffets, ambience and adventure trips, everything is taken care of according to the wishes of the guest. The blue waters offer scope of a number of water sports like Windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, catamaran rides, speed boating and Para sailing.


Some of the best luxury resorts believe in walking the extra mile to pamper their guests and therefore include soothing spa treatments in their services. These treatments make use of ancient Asian traditions to calm mind and body at the same time.

And how can one forget diving in such a picturesque setting. Diving resorts Maldives equip themselves with everything one needs to plunge into the blues to have a feel of the marine life and corals. With your partner by your side, it could be a memory which a couple reminisces when holding hands. If one wishes to plan the most important day of one’s life amongst palm trees and blue shores, it could be taken care of as well. The petite wedding or the indulging honeymoon, everything could be arranged in Maldives.

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